About me

I'm a Graphic Designer, I have recently completed a bachelor’s of science in graphic design. My goal is to work for a company where technical and creative skills are required. School and freelance have helped me grow more as a graphic designer, just as art and design have help me see the industry and world differently. I excel at logo design, branding, illustration and drawing by hand.


Who I Am?

Adair Gutierrez, looking to do what I most like to do, that is Art and Design.

What I Do?

My specialties are on Logo Design, Branding Design, Apparel Design, and more.

Why I Do It?

I do it because art and design are my pasion, and its a talent that Im the only one in my family that have it.

Where I Am?

Currently living in Las Vegas, NV.

My History


Logo Design

Here to help you brand your business with a unique logo and set the tone, and also logo redo.

Photo Retouching & Compositing

Photo manuipulation, retouching and composing for anything.


Anything is posible, illustrations that sets a visual feeling for your company, and events.


Set the tone and visual identity for your campany, I can help you! Logo Design, Stationery Design, Promotional Design, Collateral Design and more.

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